Siloam's 2015 Annual Report



A Message from our CEO


“Sharing the love of Christ by serving those in need through health care”

This mission statement summarizes well what Siloam is all about.  God’s love welcomes.  It listens.  It cares.  It makes whole.  At Siloam Family Health Center loving health care also means excellent health care.   We have leveraged the expertise of highly qualified staff and volunteers to care for underserved, culturally marginalized patients in our diversifying city for over twenty years now.  And Nashville is a better community for it.

The vital but tricky part - our “secret sauce,” if you will - is holding these two elements together. We can only do it with God’s help - and yours.  Whether you are a prospective patient, donor, volunteer, or student, we hope this website will enable you to better partner in Siloam’s healing mission. Working together, I am confident we will see the flourishing of a beautiful, “New Nashville”!  --Morgan Wills


Community Partners